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Operationalizing A Vision

In this election season, there seems to be no lack of individuals and groups with a vision for the future. While we could debate how persuasive or sincere some of these competing visions are, perhaps a more compelling question for us to consider…

Tacoma's Urban Lecture Series Welcomes James Alison

The Northwest Leadership Foundation, as a member organization of Tacoma's Urban Lecture Series, was proud to welcome Theologian James Alison Tacoma  on Monday, April 25th. James is known for exploring the work of anthropologist René Girard, its…

Shadow and Light in this Lenten Season

Most of us are well aware of the interplay of shadow and light. The season of Lent invites us into being attentive to those shadows, both in our world and lives, with the belief that God's spirit inhabits those places, despite all evidence…