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Leading with Intention

Building Something Tangible I like to work with my hands - to make something tangible, a concrete example of my time and energy.  There's something about the intention, focus and vulnerability of art that draws me in.  Something about the…
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Meet Michelle and Ylisse Bess All Season Athletes Splish. Splash. Bounce. Dribble Dribble. These were constant sounds the Bess sisters heard throughout their enrollment at Bellarmine Preparatory School. Between these two siblings, they participated…

Ambition, Passion, and Service: Meet Wendy Martinez

Political Science and Hispanic Studies Double Major, Sociology and History Double Minor A COMMITTED ROUTINE Every weekday morning, Wendy Martinez would wake up to her 5 o’clock alarm to complete the rest of her homework. She got dressed,…

Love Our City: Krysten Bailey

Former ULT member Krysten Bailey shares her secret for endless energy: pure love.
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Aliyah Simcoff: Love Our City

Volunteer Aliyah Simcoff talks about traveling the world and coming home with fresh perspectives.

Leadership in Action: Moses Chege

Act Six Scholar-in-training, Moses Chege, is not waiting to put his leadership into action.  Prior to being selected as an Act Six scholar, Moses  spent much of the past year engaged in advocacy on an issue in which he is deeply invested--comprehensive…

Taylor Woodruff: Love Our City

City Councilmen on longboards and "skater" kids with Graduate Degrees: Taylor tells us about his vision for Tacoma.

Mayor's State of the City Address on March 19

Get your tickets for Mayor Marilyn Strickland's 2014 State of the City Address on March 19, 2014 at the Hotel Murano.

A Special Kind of Mentor

Taylor Tibbs writes about her experience as a College Bound Mentor at Lincoln High School through Urban Leaders in Training.

The Illusion of our Separateness

Proteen Director Kellie Richardson connects Vietnamese Buddhist teachings with working in our urban environment, maintaining that we are all in this together.

Travis Martin: Love Our City

Second Cycle owner Travis Martin teaches us how building bikes with neighborhood kids is building his MLK community into a vibrant space.

Playground or Battleground?

This paper is a collection of “whispers” about a theological discovery of how God sees cities and how this idea is being worked out in Tacoma.