Meet Janet De La Cruz- Mentor & Mentee 

What’s a mentor? Meet one of ours, who also coordinates Mentor253, Janet De La Cruz. Janet embodies what it truly means to be a mentor because of her experience as a mentee. Having been on both ends, Janet has experienced mentorship full-circle. Her experience is unique because her mentorship journey started here at the Northwest Leadership Foundation.

In eighth grade Janet was a part of Proyecto Mole, another one of our initiatives. Here is where the definition of a mentor was revealed to Janet; Melody Rodriguez exhibited what a true mentor was to young Janet.

“Mel took the time to get to really know me and know what I wanted to do in my life.”

Janet described that she believed mentorship is a growing process. The growth occurs not only within the mentee, but the mentor as well. A mentor learns as much as a mentee does. Growth was also a part of Janet’s understanding of the process of mentorship.

Initially she thought that mentorship happened to you, but now she realizes that it is an active process. Janet explained that you must go out and seek someone who replicates what you want to help guide you. For her that meant someone that would grow with her and her needs.

Janet went from needing help with middle school work, to receiving assistance applying for graduate school. Just as Janet has bloomed into a successful young woman, her outlook for mentorship has evolved.

“As I’ve grown I really have learned that mentorship is valuable and should be a part of every community, Janet said, “a cycle of mentorship can be transformative for communities.” 

When asked about her goals regarding Mentor253 Janet responded:

“It has left an impact. We will leave a legacy. Mentor253 is important to developmental stages because it teaches how crucial mentorship actually is.”

Thanks for the work you do Janet and we are excited to see how you continue to grow.

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