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Meet Kevin Castellanos- Act Six Scholar, Community Leader

What’s an Act Six Scholar? Meet one of our scholars who embodies Act Six by leading at school, in the community and for his family, Kevin Castellanos. A native to Tacoma and former Mt. Tahoma T-Bird, Kevin is a sophomore at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU). Kevin encompasses what it means to be an Act Six scholar with his heart to serve on campus and dedication to his hometown.

Kevin serves as a resident assistant for the first-year community at PLU. His position includes being a peer mentor to his residents, creating programming beneficial to the first year experience and overall being a primary support system for students on campus who are the first in the family to attend college. When he is not on-duty, he works at a local YMCA and interns at the Department of Assigned Council, where he works as an investigative intern with public defenders. Being so busy, Kevin has learned through trial and error how to effectively manage his time and efforts. It would be easy for anyone to simply go to class, catch up on sleep and perhaps earn some cash; however, Kevin understands the importance of being connected with his campus community as well.

“Act Six gave me a purpose to be involved on campus.”

Kevin understands that Act Six is only a part of a bigger picture. He explains that Act Six gave him the motivation to be involved in leadership on campus, but his own story is what continues to drives him toward success in college. As a first-generation college student, Kevin recognized early on that going to college was not just a process of earning a degree, but creating a new legacy for his family.

When asked to give advice for incoming scholars, Kevin exclaims, “It’s now or never! If you don’t grind now, then you could lose your chance. You have to take advantage of the opportunities thrown your way.”  We are incredibly proud of Kevin and know that big things are definitely in store for him and his family.

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