New Act Six Alum – Investor, Entrepreneur

Meet Bello Dondja.

Trinity Lutheran College, Cadre 5

Having just graduated this past May from Trinity Lutheran College, Bello is an excellent example of a young leader who we have had the chance to walk alongside for the past 5 years. Bello’s journey to college began a long time ago: “I began this journey as a non-english speaking 14 years old immigrant from Togo.  My early years in high school were filled with conversations about my outstanding athletic abilities, but very little conversation about my academic career.”

Though Bello excelled in cross-country running in high school, as he progressed he began to see an academic future for himself that extended into college. As a sophomore sitting through a graduation ceremony at Foster High School in Tukwila (considered to be the most diverse high school in the country), he saw a senior receiving an Act Six Scholarship for community leadership and his aspirations for college solidified.

“I realized that I wanted to be recognized for my intellect during my graduation ceremony not my speed. I saw myself in the mission of Act Six and wanted to be recognized for it.  Long story short: I got a lot of help from a lot of notable journey angels of mine, who mentored, steered, and pushed me to apply and I also was selected to receive an Act Six Scholarship at Trinity Lutheran.”

Bello sums up his college and leadership experience in Act Six as jam-packed with personal and professional development. “Act Six has started me on a transformational journey which continues to today and will last me lifetime. “

“My practice of leadership in college can be summarized in the following acrostic – LEARN

Lead with your heart first and your brain second.

Earn your place to lead, don’t expect it given to you.

Appreciate every moment, everyone, and every perspective.

Rule (use power) with honor, humility, and justice.

Never give-up, never surrender, never look down. Always remember to keep learning, it’s a journey.”

With his undergraduate degree behind him Bello has not stopped pursuing his vocational goals. “As an investor and entrepreneur, I am currently running three organizations, and I will be attending HULT international Business School for my Dual Masters Degree in Business Leadership and Management.”

Congratulations to Bello, and all of our recent graduates on completing college, dreaming big dreams, and continuing to pursue them with deep passion and purpose.


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