Mentor253 – Relationships Matter!

NLF is excited to announce that we are revitalizing one of our core initiatives, Mentor253. Mentor253 began in 2007 by daily providing one-on-one mentoring at Mcilvaigh and Gault Middle Schools, and later at First Creek Middle School.

A core value of all of NLF’s work is the belief that relationships—ones that embody trust, care, and mutuality—are what transform individuals and communities. As we expand our work into the future, Mentor253 will provide new opportunities for such relationships through youth mentorship, as well as professional mentorship opportunities for young adults.

Recent research confirms that young people with formal and even informal mentors in their lives are far more likely to stay in school, enroll in college, become leaders and generally pursue higher goals than those without mentors. A caring adult mentor can make all the difference in the world to a young person struggling to find his or her place in our community.

As we strengthen and broaden our mentoring work, our vision is that Mentor253 can serve as a much-needed mentoring hub for the entire city of Tacoma, providing every young person that desires it with the opportunity to have a caring adult mentor.

Would you join us in this work? Please share a story of your being mentored or having the opportunity to mentor someone else on our Facebook page. Or contact Mentor253 Coordinator Janet De La Cruz to get involved— jdelacruz@northwestleadership.org

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