If you ever find yourself passing through the Eastside of Tacoma, it is very likely that you will find the fingerprints of Jordon Keller and his distinct leadership making a difference in our up and coming generation of young people.Jordon Keller 5th Graders at UW

Jordon Keller, Act Six Alumnus from Whitworth University, graduated in 2011 as part of the fifth cohort, also known as cadre, with degrees in Cross Cultural Studies and Spanish. During this chapter of his life, he began to utilize all of Whitworth’s resources to study abroad and intern at the state capitol with the intent of creating a versatile professional background.  It was not until he joined Teach For America, that he discovered his love for teaching.

“My interpretation of leadership has definitely evolved over the years. Back at Whitworth I challenged myself to become a leader by immersing in the campus and being intentional about what I became a part of. More often than not, I found myself overwhelmed with school, programs, clubs and opportunities that I wasn’t necessarily always passionate about. Now that I’m immersed in what I love to do, I realize I don’t have to go out and search for these opportunities because they are right here where I work, live and spend my time.”

Jordon is now in his fifth year of teaching sixth grade Humanities at First Creek Middle School and is coaching six grade boys’ basketball. He has aspirations of becoming a National Board Certified Teacher and Vice Principal in the future. Similar to his commitment to the vision of Act Six while Whitworth, Jordon lives out his values and dreams every day he enters his classroom. He describes his focus around the idea of consistent growth combined with service. He feels that this was engrained in his Act Six training and college experience.

Jordon is one of the many reflections of the Act Six program. His leadership and love for Tacoma is a real-time expression of the successes this city has to offer. As our world is ever changing, it is people like Jordon Keller that give hope to everyone around him.