Improving Health Equity, Uncovering Resources

Over the years, the Northwest Leadership Foundation has discovered innovative strategies to address systemic issues such as college retention rates and disproportionate minority contact and confinement.  Since 2012, NLF has hosted the Leaders in Women’s Health which develops leadership and community-based capacities to positively impact health disparities in communities of color.

The Leaders in Women’s Health began as an advisory group to help inform the Carol Milgard Breast Center on its outreach efforts to ensure earlier screenings of women with the poorest breast health outcomes. Today it has grown into a community coalition and collaboration of amazing volunteers deeply committed to changing the narrative not only for African American women and breast health but people of color impacted by health disparities. The Leaders in Women’s Health consists of grassroots volunteers with an interest in health and other entities such as the Carol Milgard Breast Center, Multicare Health System, CHI Franciscan Health System, the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, the Ebony Nurses, Keepers of the Flame, Sisters of Hope and Brothers of Faith and many more.

In 2015 the Leaders in Women’s Health is focusing on developing key partnerships, building its infrastructure and capacity as well as implementing pilot projects that lead to greater health outcomes for targeted populations.

In December (4th and 5th) the group will conduct an asset mapping process that engages community members to identify intangible (not buildings or institution-based serves) assets that complement and enhance our local health system. This asset mapping process includes a “train the trainer” component and will target the Hilltop and Eastside neighborhoods. We invite stakeholders, interested parties and residents of the targeted neighborhood to participate and make their voices count in this important effort. To become involved in the asset mapping process please complete the simple registration form below. All are welcome to participate in the monthly convenings of the Leaders in Women’s Health which is held the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9:00am at the Carol Milgard Breast Center.


CHAMP Efforts (Participatory Mapping)

The overall aim is, using the data captured, continuing the community health to build a competent and trained local group of leaders, proficient in conducting CHAMP workshops improvement efforts on the ground in Pierce County, particularly integrating efforts of both health systems, Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, the Leaders In Women’s Health and other local agencies and coalitions.

1. Consultants lead two day theory and practice workshop for 10-15 local participants) Dec 2015
2. Consultants (with local team) schedule and run initial mapping workshop in Hilltop or Tacoma Mall area Dec  2015
3. Consultants co-lead second mapping workshop with locals  Jan 2016
4. Consultants observe locals leading third mapping workshop  Feb 2016
5. Consultants help prepare all 3 mapping reports with local writers  Dec-Feb 2016
6. Consultants attend 3 follow up mapping report meetings  Dec-Mar 2016
7. Consultants attend final Summit with all local stakeholders to synthesize results from all mapping workshops  TBD 2016
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