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Welcome back ULT!

(Left: Self Defense class with Tasha Ina Church, Middle: Backstage Pass Tour of Tacoma with NLF President/CEO Patricia Talton and Executive VP Annie Jones Barnes, Right: Scavenger Hunt of Tacoma during ULT Orientation Week)


Urban Leaders in Training 2015-16 program year is in full-swing.   By the time you read this, ULT members will have:

  • Attended four full days of orientation to the culture of the City and the work of serving in the City.
  • Completed two Service Projects – One with Paint Tacoma Beautiful and the other with Pierce County Aids Foundation.
  • Volunteered approximately 160 hours of service at their individual service sites.
  • Attended three Contextual Leadership trainings.
  • Participated in Personal Self-Defense training.

And this in just the first month of Urban Leaders in Training’s 10.5 month commitment to the City!  Not bad for a group of 14 young leaders, many who had not met each other nor ever been to Tacoma until joining Urban Leaders.  Add to that a new Urban Leaders in Training Program Director (Kim Maki) and it truly becomes a new journey for all involved!

We invite you to follow these young leaders, from Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Hawaii, and Nebraska in their service to the city. The next few months are sure to be an exciting adventure as they explore urban leadership with Northwest Leadership Foundation’s Urban Leaders in Training.



(Painting a house with Paint Tacoma Beautiful)

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Learn more about ULT!

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