Meet Act Six Alumnus, Augustine Ajuogu

Northwest Cadre One, Graduated from University of Oxford with Masters of Immunology

Meet Augustine Ajuogu, an Act Six alumnus from the first cadre of Northwest University.  He has been an on whirl-wind adventure since graduating in 2013.

After finishing his undergraduate degree, he quickly transitioned into his academic life at the University of Oxford where he earned a Master of Immunology.  Augustine is convinced that his experience as an Act Six scholar continues to shape his life, both personally and professionally:

“I’m in the industries of people and service as an aspiring doctor.  Act Six is what differentiates me from others in my program.  It has shaped the way I think about issues impacting the patients I will serve….At the end of the day Act Six is about leadership and service, and that continues to be what I want to be about.”

When asked how his view of leadership has changed, Augustine responded:

“I’m learning that leadership isn’t always about direct action as I once thought.  It is a way of being that includes developing my philosophies and strategies to best meet the needs of people around me.”  His character and experiences are a reflection of how the Act Six vision is lived.

Augustine is currently pursuing a medical degree specializing in cancer and infectious diseases at the University of Washington.


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