Labyrinth in Tacoma Will Change Your Life

Scott Gruber of Calendula Farm breaks ground with his excavator at South 12th and Union.

Scott Gruber of Calendula Farm breaks ground with his excavator at South 12th and Union.

3 weeks ago, Scott Gruber of Calendula Nursery and Landscaping and his excavator leveled off 1,600 square feet of gravel on the corner of South 12th and Union. He was clearing the way for a place unlike any other in this city – a labyrinth. Labyrinths are different from mazes because you will never get to a dead end in a labyrinth. Walking through a labyrinth is supposed to help you find a good feeling – like settling into your body or noticing a peaceful moment.

What did it take to put together Tacoma’s first public labyrinth? In short – collaboration.

Martha and Donald Sheppard of the Salvation Army, and Monty Smith of Sustainable Roots brought together the idea. Bringing in three truck-loads of stones, the excavator, help from dedicated volunteers (shout out to Day of Caring!) and an idea is the type of thing you wish you had a time-lapse video of. Now, this labyrinth is here.

Though not as bizarre as Bowie’s 1986 cult-classic, this understated labyrinth has the beauty and potential to change your life in a subtle, happy kind of way. How this technology works is simple – start at the beginning (placed due East from the center point) and walk.

Walk while you meditate, or pray, or completely zone out – this labyrinth is here for you and your mind.

In addition to being an awesome community asset, the labyrinth came about in a cool way – good old collaboration. Everything from the idea to the stones came from different sides of this team, which has made this an example of resource sharing. The labyrinth itself is humble and its positive impact will be subtle, but the spirit of collaboration and resource sharing shines through.

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